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"Mira gave me a thorough massage, I expected something softer as most of us do but she really got in there and found a lot of pressure points that were tied up and painful on its own, and painful when Mira released it.
The treatment lasted for over an hour, and in my opinion it showed dedication in solving my body issues, step by step with constant communication and pleasant chat made throughout.
I felt some discomfort but I also realized what has been stuck for many years, won´t release without some distress. When I expressed my limit, that was respected.​

For many years I had an upper back problem, I probably still have it, but no Osteo or Fysio managed to offer release. To my big surprise, Mira did.
In short, the day after I felt already much better and I have started to implement her advice on daily basis to improve posture and avoid locking up my back again.
Truly nothing but good words about her service and personal approach to her clients / patients !
❣️ from Portugal



"The best PT I have been in touch with! Mira had prepared a sample training session based on my interests, but pretty much in the beginning she was able to point out where I lack strength and/or mobility (i.e. in most of my body parts, heh). So I bought a 10 session package deal to get some advice. (My goal: I would like to stay healthy and avoid possible posture issues etc.). In addition to a variety of exercises (both mobility and strength), we also went through what I eat, and I got good tips on what can be (and has been) added to make sure whatever I eat is nutritious enough. And, thanks to that, I don't crave unhealthy snacks all the time. I haven't had to give up indulging on treats - like Mira said, it's ok to eat 5 % of whatever, as long as the remaining 95 % is somewhat healthy. In a nutshell: I am a super happy customer, and I recommend Mira's services to anyone who is interested in improving their own well-being (and/or building one's muscles, of course!). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"



"Very relaxing. I highly recommend Mira!" 



"​Excellent massage directly to the stiffness of the muscles, immediately shows in the other day the results doing my heavy workouts, 5* professionalism. 👌🏻" 



"Hyvä PT-valmennus on kokonaisvaltaista ja juuri tällaista valmennusta Miralta saa. Mira on perehtynyt hyvin ravitsemusasioihin ja erilaisiin erikoisruokavalioihin. Neljän kuukauden treenijaksolla kroppa kiinteytyi, paino putosi ja mikä tärkeintä, sain Miran opastuksella vuosikausia oireilleen vatsani kuntoon,opin säännöllisen ja terveellisen syömisen merkityksen, ja löysin ruokavalion joka sopii minunlaiselleni yliherkkyyksistä kärsivälle ihmiselle. Suosittelen!"



"Kiitos Mira kevään ja kesän kymmenen kerran PT-sessioista. Tavoitteena oli saada tiputettua painoa ja kohentaa yleiskuntoa. Siinä onnistuttiin! Sinun ohjauksessa oli mahtavaa treenata, hikoilla ja löytää uusia oivalluksia treenauksesta ja ravinnosta. Pidin rennosta, mutta jämptistä tyylistäsi. Mukavaa jatkoa!😀"

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