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About me

“The best part of my job is sharing the client’s joy when they achieve their goals.” 

In my opinion, one cannot work in the wellness industry without passion for their job, as coaching is not simple copy-paste work but requires analyzing individual situations and giving your best in every client interaction. It is simply amazing to see how training and diet start to yield results in my clients. Success experiences, improved fitness, and progressive training also manifest as better concentration, increased self-confidence, growth in mental resilience and how a person carries theirself.

As a personal trainer, I help you find the ways to achieve your goals. You might even discover a whole new potential within yourself.

Body transformation requires long-term effort, determination to stick to weekly workouts, and a willingness to make changes in your daily life, even if it feels uncomfortable at first. Join the coaching with an open and curious mind, and let’s create a plan that supports your goals.

My education

2023 Paula Heinonen TT2 Gut and liver 2.0

2022 NHA Functional Performance Specialist; 

Udemy, Manual Lymphatic Drainage

2021 Sports massage

2019 Lisenced massage therapist

2015 NESTA Personal trainer

2015 TRX trainer

2011 FAF Personal trainer

2010 FAF Gym trainer

2010 Basic studies of nutrition science

Also additional courses and seminars related to fitness, nutrition and supplements.